Mother charged with DUI, child endangerment

Mother charged with DUI, child endangerment

(WMC-TV) - A Mid-South mother is behind bars after police say they found her walking outside of her car, which was facing the wrong direction in traffic, as her two children sat inside.

Demetria Ware is charged with DUI and child endangerment after officers say they found her Ford Taurus parked in the middle of the street facing traffic. Her children were with her in the car.

Police say Ware smelled like alcohol, slurred her speech, and had bloodshot and swollen eyes. She admitted to having five or six beers before getting behind the wheel.

She was found outside of her car with her keys in her hand. She told police that she ran out of gas.

In the backseat, police say they found two children, ages nine and four.

Dell Russell is a volunteer for Mothers Against Drunk Driving. She says kids riding in cars with drunk drivers are far too common of an occurrence.

"This shouldn't be. This shouldn't happen," said Russell. "Those babies had no choice about what to do. If their mother said, 'Get in the car, we have to go to the store. We have to go to grandmother's house,' those children had no choice."

Russell says the choices are up to adults.

Police charged Ware with making the wrong decision. Now, her children are in the custody of their father.