MLGW restores power to 11,000 residents

MLGW restores power to 11,000 residents

(WMC-TV) - MLGW employees worked around the clock this weekend after storms knocked down a number of power lines Friday night.

The storm came fast and knocked out power to thousands of people.

Johnie Arnold was one of 11,000 MLGW customers who lost their power during Friday night's fast and furious storm.

"I thought it was a tornado coming through and everybody just lost their power," he said.

Arnold lives just off Tillman Street, north of Poplar Avenue. The area was heavily hit along with Midtown and South Memphis.

"We try to take proactive measures but sometimes you have to react to what the storm brings," said MLGW Supervisor of Communications Glen Thomas.

The storm took down a lot of trees, large limbs, transformers, and even some power poles.

When this happens, MLGW sends out trouble shooters who can, at times, make the fixes on their own. But when it comes to the kind of damage caused on Friday, additional crews were required.

"I think it was a typical response, it probably lasted longer than we would liked it to, but we did have a lot of lines down, probably more than usual," said Thomas.

Thousands of people went without power all weekend.

Arnold was one of the lucky ones to get his power back on late Friday night.

At this time, Action News 5 is told that all of the power outages caused by Friday's storms have been corrected.

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