Stories differ after dog gets maced by MLGW meter reader

Stories Differ After Dog Gets Maced By MLGW Meter Reader

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – Roux the dog's bark is definitely worse than her bite.  That's something to which Action News 5 can personally attest.

It's why her owner wonders what on earth an MLGW employee was thinking Monday morning while attempting to read a meter in the back yard.

"And he was spraying her with what I assumed to be mace or pepper spray," said Ryan Brown.  "I saw it."

Brown claims a gate separated Roux and the meter reader who told his bosses he was actually in the back yard when the dog surprised him.

"In that situation the meter reader has to make a judgment call if he feels the dog was advancing on him," said MLGW spokesman Glen Thomas. "And dog bites are something our employees encounter."

"They claim he had already been in the back yard and that's where he did it," said Brown.  "I saw with my own eyes that's not what happened."

Brown believes the meter reader should have knocked on the door.  However, he said he didn't see Brown's car parked out front and had never encountered a dog at the house before.

"You know, I'm a dog owner, many here are," said Thomas.  "And nobody wants to see our pets in pain. So we can empathize."

Brown went back and forth with MLGW via Twitter for much of the day and remains unsatisfied with the utility's answers.

"And I don't want any other dogs to get pepper sprayed," said Brown.

He and his wife are just thankful Roux suffered no permanent injuries.

"I did put water over her eyes," said Brown.

MLGW has noted in its system to knock on Brown's door in the future.  That's something you can request meter readers do as well by calling 901-544-6549.

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