Voter problem corrected; Tax hike passes in Millington

(WMC-TV) – The sales tax referendum, which did not pass in Millington August 2, appears to have passed now that ineligible votes were removed from the count.

A number of voters who lived outside of the Millington city limits, who were not eligible to vote on the sales tax referendum, were given ballots to do so.

The referendum, which was voted on August 2, ended up failing in Millington by just two votes.

Because of the number of people in the Lucy community who were given ballots allowing them to vote on the sales tax referendum, the court decided the Millington vote for the tax hike would have passed without the votes from those ineligible voters.

The judgment reveals that after removing the 69 ineligible votes, the sales tax referendum passed with 962 votes in favor of the tax hike and 950 votes against it.

The suburb of Millington was the only one where the sales tax did not appear to pass in August.

Each suburb proposed the tax hike as a way to pay for each community to form its own municipal school district.

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