Thief caught in action on home surveillance cameras

UNCUT: Surveillance video captures thief in progress

(WMC-TV) – A family who set up their own surveillance equipment around their home is grateful they did. Their cameras caught thieves in action in their own backyard.

The Uhlhorn family moved into their Midtown home about one year ago. They immediately installed their own surveillance equipment. Those cameras came in handy Monday night when a thief tried breaking into their home.

Walker Uhlhorn says the man who tried breaking into their home on Jefferson Avenue either could not read, or simply did not care.

"Unbelievable. And you know, we have signs out front that it's 24 hour surveillance," said Uhlhorn.

Uhlhorn's security cameras captured images of a man who walked right up to his back door.

After realizing he could not get inside their home, the thief moved on to the Uhlhorn's cars. The whole time he was doing this, he was talking on his cell phone.

"You can't help but think that he's got a look out down at East Parkway and down at Cooper," said Uhlhorn.

The thief eventually made his getaway in Uhlhorn's 2008 Tahoe, but not before hitting the family's BMW and their security gate.

Within minutes of police arriving, investigators got a call that Uhlhorn's Tahoe was spotted a few blocks away. It was abandoned on a flat tire at Madison Ave and Rembert Street.

Even though Uhlhorn's iPad is still missing, along with a few other items, he says that is not the worst part.

"I guess the scary part about it is that there is no fear on his part. It's not a big deal to wander around somebody else's back yard on a Monday night," said Uhlhorn.

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