Two former animal shelter employees chastised and sentenced by judge

Two Former Animal Shelter Employees Chastised And Sentenced By Judge
Archie Elliott
Archie Elliott
Frank Lightfoot, Jr.
Frank Lightfoot, Jr.

(WMC-TV) – Former Memphis animal shelter employees Archie Elliott and Frank Lightfoot, Jr. listened in court Tuesday, as an undercover police officer revealed for the first time what he saw in the year he worked at the shelter.

"Throughout my time at the animal shelter Mr. Lightfoot was always acting on his own anytime in the ER room he was lead technician responsible for euthanizing," an undercover MPD Officer said.

The detective detailed horrific accounts of how the animals were treated before and during euthanasia.

Both Lightfoot and Elliot pleaded guilty in September to aggravated animal cruelty charges, which is a felony.

Lightfoot euthanized the animals and Elliott was a technician who was supposed to handle the animals as they were being injected.

"No, no, no, I never did anything," Elliot said.

Judge Paula Skahan became especially disgusted with Elliott's testimony accusing the undercover officer of lying saying he had been set up.

"I don't want to hear anything else you have to say," Judge Skahan said. "He has been on the stand about three hours."

The judge also severely chastised Elliot and said what he did was sadistic and only a horrible person would do such a thing.

"You did some horrible things," Judge Skahan said. "If you came in here and owned up to it like a man that's one thing, but you haven't."

The judge felt Frank Lightfoot, who admitted to fighting dogs, owned up to his actions and sentenced both men to jail time.

Judge Skahan felt Frank Lightfoot was remorseful and ordered him to serve 20 days in prison on weekends, with two years probation as well as sentencing him to community service.

Archie Elliott was taken into custody with a two year sentence. He will be eligible for parole in about seven months.

A third defendant has asked for a trial that is scheduled for March.

"I hope it sends a clear message nothing seems do have so far," animal advocate, Cindy Sanders said.

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