Warmer today, FedEx buyouts, Kayaker gets love from Mid-South, Josh Pastner live this AM, Meningitis outbreak update

Warmer on this Wednesday...it's 61 right now in Midtown...sunshine today high of 71. Details on the next weather system coming to our area every 10 mins on WMC-TV5.

Fedex is offering voluntary buyouts to thousands of employees to restructure its workforce. Details in live reports all morning long on WMC-TV5.

A kayaker who is traveling the length of the Mississippi River stopped in Memphis and had his kayak and camping equipment stolen...he started in Minnesota and has been on the river two months..he was thinking of abandoning his trip but now thanks to a local company he has a kayak and continuing his trip...details on his journey and the love he's received from the Mid-South.

We're also talking about the Fungal Meningitis outbreak...another person has died and more people are affected...the Mid-South is not in the danger zone..the latest on the outbreak this AM.

Plus are you ready for Memphis Tigers basketball? We're here to get you excited about the upcoming season...Josh Pastner will be live on Action News 5 during the 6am. Make sure you join us then!

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