Special smoke detectors provided to hearing impaired by MFD

Special smoke detectors provided to hearing impaired by MFD

(WMC-TV) – The Memphis Fire Department is making sure that people have problems hearing will not miss an alert in the case of a house fire.

Having proper warning of a potential house fire could save your life. For many of us, a smoke detector does its job. But for people who cannot hear, the average smoke detector does not do much good.

"About four months ago there was a deaf woman who died in a fire at her Nashville home and she didn't have the equipment," said Teressa Wilson, DeafConnect Memphis.

The Memphis Fire Department wants to prevent that kind of tragedy in the Bluff City. That is why they are providing people who are hearing impaired with smoke detectors that vibrate instead of making noise.

The special smoke detectors are placed under the bed and when there is smoke, it will vibrate under the bed and wake a sound sleeper.

"Early detection, that's just the way to go. Smoke detection, those things that will alert early on allowing a person to have the chance to escape," said Memphis Fire Department Director Alvin Benson.

The vibrating device and other safety tools were the focus of this fire prevent week event at the fire museum.

A group of deaf students from White Station Middle School got the chance to learn about fire safety devices for the hearing impaired, as well as participate in drills that will help them get out alive when there is a fire.

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