Firefighters not allowed to wear pink shirts on duty

Firefighters not allowed to wear pink shirts on duty

(WMC-TV) - From hats to T-shirts, the gift shop at the Firefighters Union is always selling something. Soon pink will be in stock, too.

But even though the fire department wants to raise breast cancer awareness, you will not see local firefighters wearing pink while on duty.

"We're in the process of getting the artwork drafted up and getting the shirts ordered." said International Association of Firefighters Local 1978 President Thomas Malone.

Every year in October, Mid-south firefighters participate in an effort to raise money for breast cancer awareness by selling and wearing pink T-shirts.

However this year, the Memphis Fire Department administration is forbidding firefighters from wearing the T-shirts on duty. The union said it will abide by the rules, but plans to sell the shirts regardless.

"Hopefully we'll have huge bang-up sales and we'll have a significant check to give here locally. That's what our goal is," said Malone.

Fire department officials said the department fully supports breast cancer awareness and the effort to raise money for the charity.

Wearing pink T-shirts on duty is not authorized because the director has questions and concerns about the shirts that have not been answered.

"They're his concerns so I'm not getting into that," said Malone.

Malone said that by working with the director he expects any current problems to be resolved for the future.

As for the immediate future Malone said real men still wear pink, just not on duty.

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