Ark. farmers battle to harvest cotton

(WMC-TV) - Right now, there is a rush in Arkansas to harvest cotton before rain destroys the crops - and farmers' profits.

When the cotton gets wet, the quality of the fiber is degraded. In an effort to get the highest price possible, farmers are spending endless hours in the field.

It has been a year-long battle against exceptional drought, low commodity prices and high fuel costs. Yet, 10,000 acres of cotton will pass from the field to the gin yard, waiting to be refined down to lent and seed.

"Once it rains, the fields are muddy and they can't pick cotton," said Fred Couch of Rabbit Ridge Gin. "We've been able to pick up modules and continue ginning throughout the rain.

But every time it rains, it can delay farmers from harvesting their fields for up to one week depending on the amount.

Couch adds that it has rained the last two or three weekends, but they have been fortunate. He says they have only had maybe an inch of rain.

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