MY TURN: Visitor gets stolen kayak replaced

WMC MY TURN: Visitor gets stolen kayak replaced

(WMC-TV) - "Walkin' in Memphis."

It's a song about our city, but it also describes what David Stewart was doing after thieves here stole his only mode of transportation.

Stewart is the Utah native who was on a river journey by kayak when he stopped in Memphis.

He was planning to go all the way from Minnesota to Costa Rica. I'm sure Stewart scouted the potential hazards of his trip, but he missed the part where it said it's not a good idea to leave valuable things unattended in downtown Memphis. Lesson learned.

Stewart's kayak and all of his stuff was stolen when he left it just long enough to go buy supplies to restock for the next leg of his trip. Fortunately, this story ends a lot better than it began.

The people at Outdoors, Inc. generously stepped up to give Stewart a brand new kayak and Mayor AC Wharton and others made donations which Stewart said overwhelmed him. I'm glad they were able to turn lemons into lemonade for Stewart, but as you all know, many of our region's crime victims are not so lucky.

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