Task force of mayors hope to lower prices at MEM

Task force of mayors hope to lower prices at MEM

(WMC-TV) - Much has been made about the high cost of flying at Memphis international airport.

Facebook pages and Twitter feeds are targeting complaints against Delta airlines and the Memphis Shelby County Airport Authority.

A new task force, which is made up of more than a dozen mayors from the greater Memphis area, hope to lower airfares and add more flights at the Memphis International Airport.

Mayor Chip Johnson, of Hernando, Mississippi, is one of about 15 or 16 mayors across three states involved in this group called Air Service Task Force.

"It's not just a bunch of mayors, we're going to hire an executive director who is a full time person who will be working directly with low cost carriers to find out exactly what each of them need to come here," said Johnson.

The group says they want to enhance the work already being done by the Memphis Shelby County Airport Authority and others.

They hope to get financing through area corporations who rely on the airport and will benefit from low cost carriers coming here.

The main goal is to lower passenger ticket prices and get more flights.

"Figure out exactly what each airline wants to come to Memphis because obviously there are reasons they are not here. We need to figure out why they're not here and then figure out how to get them here," explained Johnson.

Mayor Johnson reiterated that it is a regional issue affecting everyone.

"I am a firm believer that Hernando can't rise without the entire region rising. We can't just rise in isolated bubbles," he said.

The task force planning is still in its early stages.

Members have yet to pick dates and times for meetings or locations.

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