Fullilove domestic case at a stand still

Vernon Chalmers
Vernon Chalmers
Janis Fullilove
Janis Fullilove

(WMC-TV) - Attorneys representing Memphis City councilwoman Janis Fullilove say she wants to work on her relationship with her estranged husband despite the charges against them.

The two appeared in front of a judge Thursday regarding domestic violence charges.

Fullilove's husband, Vernon Chalmers, was tight lipped as he avoided reporter's questions. Janis Fullilove appeared reluctant to talk as well, leaving all the commenting to her attorney Arthur Horne.

"I just think they want the case resolved as quickly as possible. I don't know if it will be a short resolution or a long resolution that will be dragged out but again they both want to get this behind them," said Horne.

Fullilove and her husband's domestic violence charges stem from a verbal fight that turned physical at their home in August.

As a condition of their bond, a judge ordered them to stay away from alcohol and each other.

But outside court, Horne talked about Vernon Chalmers' serious heart condition and Fullilove's desire to have her husband come home so she can take care of him.

"Again when you're married and have been with someone for a long time and they're ill, I mean, emotions subside, I mean, I think she wants to get they want to get back to their life," said Horne.

But he says getting the charges dismissed is not in the couple's hands. It is up to prosecutors and he is trying to work something out with them.

The couple is due back in court in December.

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