Girl claims attack by sheriff’s deputy

Girl claims attack by sheriff’s deputy

(WMC-TV) -The stitches above her eye are one thing, but Sherry Moore said the real pain is emotional.

"I'm very upset. And I'm nervous. I have not eaten," said Moore.

"Just distraught. My feelings are hurt. They're very hurt because I feel like I was handled like a man," she said.

Wednesday evening, she was pulled over for failing to move over for a sheriff's deputy that had stopped another car.

Moore said she initially declined to sign the ticket, but when she eventually scribbled her name, the deputy did not think she'd written her signature.

She said he pulled her out of her car.

"And he grabbed my right arm up here and I turned like that. And he turned my head back around and he grabbed the full of my head and he rammed it against the back door of the driver's side of my car," she said.

This photo shows her blood on her car.

Family members rolled cell phone video of her arrival at the MED, where doctors treated her wound.

Moore was then booked into jail, and charged with resisting arrest.

The Sheriff's Department said it is aware of her claims and is conducting an investigation to determine exactly what happened at the scene.

According to an affidavit of complaint, deputies who stopped Moore said she was yelling and screaming profanities.

The affidavit states that Moore called the deluding a blanking republican white pig. Also, when deputies tried to arrest her, she resisted twice and then jerked away in a highly aggressive and confrontational manner.

"I did not touch him in any way. He had a huge gun. He stood six feet or more tall. I'm like five-three. He was obviously much stronger than myself," said Moore.

Moore said she is not a criminal and has never been arrested before. She is due back in court on Nov. 28.

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