Family fights MCS after girl fight was caught on camera

Family Fights MCS After Girl Fight Caught On Camera

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – A fight outside the front doors of Central High School Tuesday shortly after dismissal left 15 year-old Alexia Fason with a face wound.

"It hurts," said Fason.

Now her grandmother is punching back.

"Alexia ain't never been in a fight in her life," said Jannis Fason.  "Until she got to Central High School."

She thinks Memphis City Schools made a mistake by suspending Alexia.

"She got jumped," said Fason.

She says doctors determined her granddaughter suffered a concussion when her head hit the hard concrete landing where the fight occurred.

"I worked for Memphis City Schools for 26 years," said Fason.  "I know the cover-ups they do up inside them buildings when they don't want the parents to know the worst of the worst."

Memphis Police say a school resource officer determined both girls deserved a juvenile summons while the school district decided on immediate discipline of its own.

"She has a 42 day suspension," said Fason.  "I feel that is not fair."

Alexia admits she fought back, but only after getting attacked.

"She ran up and that's when we got into a fight," she said.  "I was defending myself."

She's not sure who put video of the fight on YouTube.  However, she hopes her grandmother's appeal to the district gets her back in school.

"I just hope all this stuff is over with soon," said Alexia.

Ms. Fason plans to meet with MCS's pupil services division first thing Monday morning.  She claims the other girl in the video has bragged about the fight.  We were unable to reach her.

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