Cemetery gives grieving mother wrong baby's body

Cemetery gives grieving mother wrong baby's body

(WMC-TV) – A Memphis mother finally got some answers after being given the wrong baby by the Shelby County Cemetery.

The Shelby County Cemetery is a government funded option for families who cannot afford to bury a loved one.

A grieving mother who requested her baby be returned for a proper burial says cemetery crews gave her the wrong baby.

"At this point I don't think I can take any more," Veronica Miller said.

Veronica Miller never got to meet her newborn baby. At 33 weeks pregnant, her first daughter, Malaysia Miller, was delivered stillborn.

"And today we were going to bury her, we thought we were going to bury her, and we found out that we had the wrong baby," she said.

Miller says hospital staff recommended she bury her baby at the Shelby County Cemetery.

"The hospital convinced me that this was this wonderful place for babies," she said.

During a visit days later, the cemetery was not what she imagined.

"And I wouldn't bury my dog there," said Miller. "We saw markers that were scattered out, came out the ground. I mean, how would I identify that this is where my baby is at."

Miller asked for her child's body back. That is when cemetery workers dug up the wrong body and turned it over to the funeral director.

A county spokesperson says because of the pain the mix up caused, the county is changing its policy so that bodies cannot be released from this cemetery until caskets are opened and bodies are identified by the tag inside.

That is a small consolation for Veronica Miller, a grieving mother looking for closure, who is now forced to wait a little longer.

"And I just want other mothers to know if you can help it don't let the state take over your baby and bury them there," Miller said.

A Shelby County Spokesperson says cemetery crews were hoping to return Miller's baby Thursday but could not retrieve it because it rained. They hope to try again Friday.

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