10/11/12 becomes anniversary many couples won't forget

(WMC-TV) – The date 10/11/12 became a special anniversary (that will be a hard one to forget) for many couples around the world.

A Mid-South couple decided to use that memorable day to exchange their vows.

Raeann Ford and Justin Hooton tied the knot on Thursday, which happened to be 10/11/12.

When the wedding planning got started, Ford said she could not decide between 10/11/12 and 12/12/12.

"I really liked them both and he said we couldn't do them during duck hunting season," she explained.

"Duck season starts November the 17th, I believe, and it spans out until the end of January. There are a couple of splits in there, and I told her the only request I had when she picked the date was as long as it wasn't in duck season," said Hooton.

The hairstylist from Jonesboro and the Trumann police officer met through mutual friends a few months ago.

"They called and had some tickets to a Cardinals game, and they asked if I would like to go, and they were going to bring a friend along, would that be alright with me and I told them, 'Sure,'" explained Hooton.

"We went and spent all day and all afternoon, and we've been together every day since," agreed Ford.

They tied the knot at 4:45 p.m. on Thursday.

The ceremony was scheduled for 4 p.m. but Craighead County Justice Ken Stacks says he had to push it back because he had several weddings to perform on 10/11/12. Raeann and Justin's wedding was number four out of five on Thursday.

"Normally I don't have but two or three a week, maybe that many, and this unusual date, 10/11/12, has brought out several weddings," said Stacks.

As for the honeymoon, Raeann and Justin went to Tunica Thursday night but will head to Jamaica on a cruise in May.

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