Suspect caught with help of home surveillance camera

Suspect caught with help of home surveillance camera

(WMC-TV) - Memphis police arrested a suspect who they say stole a car and then rammed it into another vehicle.  The entire robbery was caught on the victim's home security system. 

The investigation began when the homeowner turned over a surveillance video that recorded a man walking up to the back door of his Midtown home.

After the suspect realized he couldn't get inside, he moved on to nearby unoccupied cars while talking on a cell phone.

The video shows the suspect trying to drive away in the family's SUV, even crashing into the other car and the security gate.

Police charged Anthony Hunt with the crime.

Walker Uhlhorn, the homeowner, said the suspect should have known better.

"Unbelievable and you know we have signs out front that it's 24-hour surveillance," said Uhlhorn.

The SUV that was stolen was found not too far from the Uhlhorn's home with a flat tire.

Uhlhorn said it is not the crime that scares him most.

"I guess the scary part about it is that there is no fear on his part. It's not a big deal to wander around somebody else's back yard on a Monday night," he said.

The affidavit of complaint said Hunt admitted to being at the house and touching the doorknob.

Hunt is facing charges of aggravated burglary, theft of property and vandalism.

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