First wave of hires for Electrolux starts Monday

(WMC-TV) - A Mid-South company is creating new jobs and offering free training for the new employees.

Over the next five years, Electrolux will hire about 1,200 people. The first wave of hires is coming.

The Memphis Area Career Center is familiar with job seekers but the staff is gearing up for an unprecedented crowd on Monday.

"We're putting all hands on deck. And we're just going to try to make sure that it flows smoothly," said Desi Franklin, Workforce Investment Network.

The city's Workforce Investment Network (WIN) is recruiting and screening all applicants for entry level positions at the new Electrolux facility.

Anyone interested in working at Electrolux must apply at the career center.

We have to go through a process of determining if they are eligible," said Vivian Alexander, career center manager.

For the first wave of employees, 75 people will make the cut. WIN will pay the $1,200 fee for those people to take a class at Southwest Community College.

WIN has used the same process with other employers.

"Each class that is done at Southwest really is partnered with a specific employer in mind. And they attend the class. They observe the students. They see how they're doing. And so we've had about 60 percent placement out of this class with various local employers," said Franklin.

"Having the employer involved makes a difference. It's connecting with the individual in the room and seeing who their employees are going to be right in front of them. Then they have their selection process. So, it's going well," agreed Alexander.

No one is guaranteed a job but over the next five years, Electrolux will hire 1,200 people.

"This is really the first phase. As each product phase comes online they'll be adding, in an orderly fashion, additional staffing," said Franklin.

To apply, make your way to the career center at the MATA bus terminal building during business hours. Expect to be there about four hours and bring proper documentation.

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