Fayette Co. missing funds investigation continues

(WMC-TV) - During  former superintendent Cedrick Gray's time at Fayette County Schools the general fund went from almost $2 million to less than $200,000.

School board members are still questioning Gray's spending habits.

Educator Cedrick Gray is quite a success story.  Within four years he worked his way up from a high school principal in Memphis to superintendent.

In May of this year, Gray was hired as superintendent of Jackson Mississippi Public Schools.

While Gray's career has been on the fast track his alleged track record of overspending while in Fayette County is the focus of a state audit.

School board members say when Gray left the county school budget was left in dire straits.

"There had been substantial stipends paid to several employees primarily central office employees well in excess of their annual salaries," said Fayette County School Board Commissioner Dana Pittman.

Fayette County's general fund went from $1.7 million to $196,000 while Gray was at the helm.

From Gray's credit card statements for his Fayette County issued American Express, an expense check was issued in March of this year for almost $8,000.

Another was issued in April for almost $3,500. He left the job one month later.

"I want to know where all the money went I mean what areas did it get spent in that it shouldn't have," said Pittman.

Allegations of Gray's overspending in Fayette County prompted the Tennessee comptroller's office to fast track an audit of the district's finances.  

Results of the Tennessee audit of Grays' spending while in Fayette County are expected to be released sometime next month.

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