sunny and warm,

Good morning and welcome back to the work week...We have a nice day ahead for most of you...75 and sunny today..tonight clear and 56...rain is coming this week. Ron has details every 10 mins on WMC-TV5.

We're talking about early voting that starts this week and some of the issues on the ballot for taxpayers...details in live reports on WMC-TV5.

There has been an expansion of a recall of peanut butter. Sunland peanut butter has been linked to Salmonella poisoning it has been sold at Trader Joe's. Details on this expanded recall this AM.

We're also talking the passing of Memphis Musician BB Cunningham. He was shot over the weekend. We'll have live reports on what happened and reaction from local artists.

employee-recruiting events in Memphis..

Electrolux wants to hire hundreds of workers and today is phase 1 of the process..we'll explain this in live reports this morning.

We're talking about debate preps as the next Presidential debate is set for tomorrow night and hearings are set to begin today at Guantanamo Bay for five men charged with planning or assisting in the September eleventh terrorist attacks.

Join us right now on WMC-TV5 as we get you ready for the work week.

Andrew Douglas