Hundreds apply to work at new Electrolux facility

Hundreds apply to work at new Electrolux facility

(WMC-TV) – The first wave of hiring for Electrolux is underway in Memphis.

More than 200 applicants showed up to the Memphis Area Career Center Monday in hopes of being accepted into the industrial readiness training program for the new Electrolux facility.

Applicants who make it through the career center screening process will be enrolled in a four week program taught at Southwest Community College.

The candidates will learn the ins and outs of the manufacturing industry.

Anyone interested in working for the company is encouraged to visit the career center downtown for more information.

About 75 people will make the cut for the first wave of hires. If selected, the career center will pay the $1,200 class fee.

The Electrolux facility hopes to have a full workforce of about 1,200 people by May.

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