Police warn of tire, hub cap theft ring

Police warn of tire, hub cap theft ring

(WMC-TV) – Hundreds of tires and hub caps are missing and investigators say a theft ring is to blame.

Memphis auto theft investigators say the crooks are looking for anything they can remove from your vehicle that does not have a serial number.

"It's all over the city," said Lieutenant James Grigsby. "They'll take your own jack at times. They'll jack up for your car, they'll break the locking nuts on them, and they'll go."

Investigators say two or more thieves usually drive up and hit one or more vehicle at a time.

"They'll take the center caps off, the hub caps and off the rims. Cadillacs, and some of the newer cars, Camaros and Corvettes," said Lt. Grigsby.

Once victims report the thefts to police, they are able to find the same brands being sold on the black market.

"We'll see them on Craigslist. We'll see them being sold to automotive shops as used rims," explained Lt. Grigsby.

But when officers check out the leads, Lt. Grigsby said it is hard to identify if they are the stolen tires and rims.

"Put some kind of identifiable mark on there so we know it's yours. We get calls all the time from people saying, 'I saw my rims on Craigslist.'"

Investigators say tracking down your stolen tires and hub caps could be as simple as putting your name on your property.

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