Looters blamed for ransacking tree-damaged home

Looters blamed for ransacking tree-damaged home

(WMC-TV) - A Mid-South family lost their home when a tree fell on it, and soon after, looters targeted the damaged home.

Lisa Clevenger described the night a massive oak tree toppled onto her family's house.

"I thought an earthquake had done hit, literally," she said. "I mean, it literally threw me out of my bed."

Clevenger, Joe Cavallo, and 8-year-old Donovan had to move to another rental as a result of the damage.

A cross and a picture were the only things the family managed to salvage from the inside of the home, because someone else beat them to the punch.

"Looters busted the windows out and unlocked the front door," said Clevenger. "They got our washer. They got our dryer. They got our stove. They got my scooter chair, I'm disabled, they got it."

In addition to that, jewelry and medicine were also missing. Clevenger said there were pill bottles dumped out everywhere.

What was not stolen was scattered throughout the home.

"I'm still in shock, I think. I'm angry that they came into our house and did that to us," said Clevenger. "I'm hurt. I'm upset. I don't know what to feel."

Clevenger filed a report with the Memphis Police Department, but so far, no arrests have been made.

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