South Memphis house demolished in anti-blight campaign

South Memphis house demolished in anti-blight campaign

(WMC-TV) - One of four homes on a single block was just torn down as the city of Memphis expands its battle against blight.

The house was demolished along Bullington Street. The destruction of blighted homes on this block is part of the city's 200th "25 Square" project.

At least 56 vacant homes are being torn down in a 70-block area of South Memphis.

"We're cleaning up the city block by block, blight by blight - and it is working," said Memphis Mayor A C Wharton.

In this fiscal year alone, 14,000 overgrown lots have been cut as part of the anti-blight campaign. More than 20,000 of such properties have been targeted in recent years.

Wharton said this is a city-wide effort that will eventually impact every neighborhood that needs it.

A portion of the work is funded through a grant.

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