Six-car rush hour accident ties up traffic, sends several to hospital

Six Car Rush Hour Accident Sends Several To Hospital

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – A six car rush hour crash tied up traffic and sent several people to the hospital Monday night.

It was a chaotic scene at the intersection of Stage and Coleman that blocked traffic for several minutes.

A frantic moment, especially for those who were involved in the mangled mess.

For Ariel Alston and her three-year-old son, Monday evening's collision was a bit startling.

"I was sitting there and I saw it happening in front of me," Alston said. "I was like 'please don't hit me, please,' so the black car swerved and the white car hit me and my baby just started screaming."

The crash happened around 6 pm at the intersection of Stage Road and Coleman.

Witnesses at the scene say at least six vehicles collided with each other.

"The white car was trying to avoid what was going on with these two I guess and ran into this lady over here in the other lane," said Teresa Alston.

We're told several people had to be taken to the hospital.

Angela Franklin arrived at the scene moments after the accident in shock. She says her daughter was driving this black S-U-V.

"Yeah that's my daughter," Franklin said. "I couldn't walk and then my other daughter, who stays right here, had to have her seizure medicine.  That's the only reason why I had my daughter to take her home."

A chain of events that caught Lee Echols, who witnessed the crash, off guard.

"It's rush hour," Echols said. "People take their eyes off the wheel for one second and there could be an accident.  You got to stay focused."

There's still no word tonight on the conditions of those who were taken to the hospital.

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