Live grenade delivered to fire station

Live grenade delivered to fire station

(WMC-TV) – A bomb squad responded to a report of a live grenade that was found at a house being demolished Wednesday.

East McLemore Avenue between College Street and Azalia Street were closed as the bomb squad investigated.

"I looked out my window, I seen the police had the street blocked off, so I  came out here to be nosy to see what's going on," said South Memphis resident Kelvin Bandridge.

The Memphis Fire Department called to report that someone brought the live grenade to the fire station on East McLemore after finding it while demolishing a house in the area.

Wednesday morning, a green pickup pulled into the fire station with a live hand grenade, the pin broken off, in the bed of the truck.

Investigators said the 66-year-old driver made the delivery after finding it in the debris of this empty lot nearby.

Nobody was arrested and nobody was injured, but firefighters said the dangers were real.

"This was a grenade, an actual grenade," said Memphis Fire Department Lt. Wayne Cooke.

"He should have called someone. We don't recommend you pick up any kind of device, explosive device," he said

The Memphis Police Department bomb squad was able to collect the grenade and bring it back to a lab for further analysis.

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