PGF Restaurant of the Month: Sekisui Midtown

PGF Restaurant Of The Month: Sekisui Midtown

(WMC TV) - PROJECT GREEN FORK RESTAURANT OF THE MONTH:  Sekisui Midtown, 25 S. Belvedere Blvd., Midtown Memphis, 901-725-0005.

At Sekisui Midtown, you could stop with just the sushi. That's enough. You've got a winner there.

Not enough for manager Lee Vichathep.

She and her crew earned Project Green Fork certification by going the extra mile for the environment.

They recycle 4,300 cubic feet of glass, paper and cardboard a year.

They compost 100 gallons of food waste a week and donate it to Urban Farms farmers market in the Binghampton neighborhood.

Instead of wasting 2,500 sheets of paper a month on sushi 'check-off' menus, Vichathep converted to slick, laminated sushi menus.

"Which saves us a lot of money monthly, about $200 a month," she said.

The take-out boxes -- they're made of composted wheat.

"Ah, we were wondering what it was made out of," said surprised customer Angela Ventura-Wooten of Southwind. "When we first got our take-out in the container, it was like, 'What's going on?' But then we were like, 'Oh, they're turning green!'"

Going green -- even with one of the sushi rolls.

Sekisui Midtown features the Project Green Fork Roll:  tempura sweet potato, tempura asparagus, cucumber, avocado, scallions and radish wrapped in green soy paper and drizzled with a tasty soy reduction. Portions of its proceeds go to the Midtown non-profit.

"I couldn't wait to try it," said Ventura-Wooten. "I love sushi, for one."

One sushi roll, one compost bucket, one recycling bin and one reusable menu at a time!


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