War veteran calls himself 'terminator' with new bionic foot

War veteran calls himself 'terminator' with new bionic foot

(WMC-TV) - A Mid-south amputee is walking around with a brand new, high tech prosthetic.

Greg Mirdo lost his left foot in an explosion in Iraq.

But several weeks ago, doctors at Custom Fit Innovations fitted him with a new prosthetic. Now, he says he can hardly believe how high tech it is.

"This creates power so I can walk and walk and walk," said Mirdo.

Mirdo has come a long way from the day when a bomb exploded under his vehicle in Iraq.

"I was injured January 7th 2007 and it's been a long road since then," he said.

In the medical world, the prosthetic is called a Biom foot. In Greg Mirdo's world, it is called a new lease on life.

Mirdo's bionic foot is controlled by four microprocessors.

Doctor Ted Snell says the device is the most advanced system commercially available.

"So it's definitely cutting edge. Its robotics type, it's when robotics, bio engineering and prosthetics all meet," said Dr. Ted Snell.

"I've been telling people I'm one quarter terminator," said Mirdo.

Doctors say devices like Mirdo's foot are just the beginning.

There are already prosthetic knees that work off of microprocessors and you may one day see the same technology in limbs and other parts of the body.

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