MY TURN: Tackling blight in the Bluff City

WMC Editorial - My Turn - Mayor fights blight

(WMC-TV) - Congratulations to Memphis Mayor AC Wharton and his team for their success in tackling the problem of neighborhood blight in the Bluff City.

Wharton vowed to take this on early in his tenure as Memphis Mayor and it seems he is making good on his promise.

This week, it was South Memphis where the city was tearing down a house that had been damaged by fire.  Since July 1st, 14,000 vacant lots have been mowed and cleared.  According to the Commercial Appeal, the previous record by the city for a full year was fewer than 8,000 lots.

The city's strategy to increase the effectiveness of this effort is to attack an entire 25-square block area all at one time. By doing that, they've been able to roll quickly through many neighborhoods that needed the help.

The goal is not just cleanliness and safety, but also enhancing the self-esteem of the people who live in these communities. This is a massive job, but there are many happy people who have been already been helped by this program. Keep up the good work.

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