Cohen and Flinn meet face to face in political forum

Cohen and Flinn meet face to face in political forum

(WMC-TV) - Congressman Steve Cohen and challenger George Flinn finally met face to face.
in a political forum Thursday. It was not a debate, but at times it came close.

The political forum was held at the Kirby Pines Retirement Community. An empty seat saved for the no show independent candidate separated Cohen and Flinn on the stage.

While Flinn's been pushing for a debate, Cohen has demanded the doctor release tax returns and other financial information.

There were a few laughs regarding each candidate's accessibility

"I'm open and transparent and if you want to come over to my house you can do it . I live on Kenilworth - you want to go to Dr. Flinn's house he lives next to the Memphis Country Club, with a car in front of his house protecting it," said Cohen.

The biggest laugh came when Flinn described where he lived.

"I live on the edge of Orange Mound - it's a good area and so I see a lot of interesting people come around," said Flinn.

They each got a few minutes to share their platforms with a crowd of several hundred seniors.

Playing to the crowd, there was a lot of discussion about Medicare and Social Security.

These were engaged seniors who plan to vote.

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