Trio busted for I.D. theft targeted woman having brain surgery

Trio Busted For ID Theft Targeted Woman Having Brain Surgery

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – An I.D. theft bust outside a Mid-South Macy's led investigators straight to their victim who was hospitalized at the time for brain surgery.

The three men charged with identity theft are accused in a scheme that involved the identities of several different people in different parts of the country.  And according to police they seemed pretty confident.

"Very frightening," said Demeshia Brock. "I'm actually a victim of identity theft. So I know how that can be. It's very stressful."

Demeshia Brock became a victim several years ago. She doesn't think much of the three men charged in a recent identity theft case.

It happened at Macy's in East Memphis. When police showed up a U-haul parked at the store took off. The driver, Richard Price from Illinois, was stopped at Poplar and Perkins. When police looked in the back they found appliances in the truck that were just purchased at Macy's. Those appliances were purchased with an Ohio woman, Tracy Smith's personal information.

I talked with Tracy Smith's husband in Ohio. He told me he has no idea how anyone got her personal information. He also noted that his wife is hospitalized with a brain tumor.

Police also arrested two other men who appear to be from out of state. Investigators said they were seen in Macy's buying clothing.

Wallace Nunn was seen filling out a credit application. Nunn and Brandon Goree left in a Chevy Malibu.  When they were stopped officers found three pages filled with various people's personal information.

Officers also found boxes for jewelry from Zale's. The driver of the U-haul, Price and Nunn both wore diamond earrings and Goree had a diamond ring in his pocket.  When police patted down Nunn, a driver's license and credit card for a man from Minnesota fell out of his pants.  Nunn's photo was on the victim's license.

The jewelry was valued at almost four thousand dollars. All three suspects are being held on bonds from 75 thousand to 100 thousand dollar bonds.

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