City employee charged with buying car parts on taxpayer dime

City Employee Charged With Buying Car Parts On Taxpayer Dime

(WMC-TV) - The sign outside a city facility on East Parkway reads "we are all responsible." But that's not the case if the charges against one general services employee are true.

Eric Woodson, who was arrested Thursday morning, is basically accused of ordering a $300 part for his personal vehicle on the city's dime.

"As Mayor Wharton has indicated," said Chief Administrative Officer George Little. "We're simply not going to stand for this sort of wrongdoing, hence the arrest," he added.

CAO Little said the reason is simple.

"We want to be sure the actions of a few employees don't compromise the reputation of the many good, hard-working employees here, in city government," said Little.

We're told a red flag was raised in this case when someone noticed parts were ordered for a car not in the city's fleet.

The Wharton administration previously instituted tougher controls following reports of corruption and wrongdoing in the general services division which, among other things, manages the city's cars and trucks.

There have been multiple arrests and disciplinary actions over the years. And while Woodson's is troubling, city officials say it is also reassuring.

"The arrest of Mr. Woodson shows the measures we took last year and more importantly the controls we put in place since last year are working," said Little.

Woodson had been with the city for 16 years prior to his firing. He's due in court Friday morning on theft charges.

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