Ashley Scott 5k this weekend will help stop domestic violence

Ashley Scott 5k this weekend will help stop domestic violence
Ashley Scott was killed by her husband
Ashley Scott was killed by her husband
Jeffrey Scott was found guilty of murder
Jeffrey Scott was found guilty of murder

(WMC-TV) - Friends of a Bolton High School teacher raised nearly $50,000 in five years to help remember her.

Now, they are putting the final preps on an annual race set to honor this special woman who touched so many.

It has been nearly six years since she died at the hands of her husband.

"She was a role model. She was very nice to be with, very pleasant and hearing about that was shocking," said former student Nicole Blum.

Beloved Bolton High School teacher Ashley Scott was murdered by her husband, Jeffrey, on Thanksgiving Day 2006.

Ever since October 2007, Scott's former colleagues, students, and others have joined in the Ashley Scott 5K.

It raises money to help stop domestic violence.

"We have one of the highest numbers of domestic violence homicide rates in the country.  It's disturbing," said Assistant District Attorney Karen Cook.

Cook prosecuted the case that found Jeffrey Scott guilty of murder.

She says ever since Ashley's death, she and others have been more aware of signs of domestic violence.

She says it is often more than bruises.

"Batterers will often hit where you can't see it so you might have bumps on the head and that kind of thing. If you start to see a lot of bruising, then you need to be aware. If they start canceling things with friends or family, watch out because it's a control issue for the batterers," Cook continues.

Nicole Blum was one of Ashley Scott's students.

She says domestic violence touches more than women.

She likes to see entire families come out to the Ashley Scott 5K every year.

"It happens as early as middle school dating...high school dating and it's a cycle. I think having the young ones out there to know this is real and this happens at all ages is important," added Blum.

The annual Ashley Scott 5K takes place Saturday at 8 a.m. at Bartlett Baptist Church on Kirby-Whitten Road.

You can pre-register by clicking here or you can register prior to the race Saturday morning.

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