Southaven mayor's ex-wife sues boyfriend

Southaven mayor's ex-wife sues boyfriend

(WMC-TV) - In 2008, Suzann Davis showed her support for Mayor Greg Davis' run at congress and his  platform centered around conservative family values.

But now, documents filed in DeSoto County Circuit Court reveal the public figure's ex-wife is suing his boyfriend Jansen Fair for damage she says he's caused her family.

She's suing Fair under claims of alienation of affection.

"He brought that in on his own, a lot of people are against it and a lot of people it doesn't matter but its something personal and he chose to do that."
In the lawsuit,

Suzann Davis states that she first learned her former husband was cheating after a text message from Fair around April 5, 2010.

Documents show she learned that the mayor and Fair met on Craigslist and stated the men got together at a Starkville bar.

In the lawsuit, Suzann Davis cites a text message from Fair that stated he was looking forward to a planned Las Vegas getaway "Locked away in bed in each other's arms."

Southaven residents say nothing is private for a public official.

"I think a lot of things about it is the public's business. I think the part about the money is our business, what he does in his personal life probably isn't our business, but I don't know that's the kind of person we want for a mayor," said Southaven resident Lavonne Sanders.

In the midst of Davis spending taxpayer money at an adult store, the mayor revealed to the public that he was gay.

Mississippi state auditor Stacey Pickering has already ordered the mayor to pay back more than $170,000 he says was misspent.

In a statement Davis said, "Due to this being a private matter and my grave concern over the well being of my children, I have no comment concerning the accusations filed by their mother. "

Davis has taken trips to Las Vegas on the city's dime for various conferences over the years.

Action News 5 is going to do some digging to see if Fair accompanied him on any of those business trips paid by the taxpayers.

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