Southaven alderman arrested on DUI-related charges

Southaven Alderman Arrested On DUI-Related Charges

SOUTHAVEN, MS - (WMC-TV) – Ricky Jobes has served on the Southaven Board of Aldermen since 1993.  He was arrested Friday night by Southaven officers on DUI-related charges.

We were the only news crew outside the police department as the alderman was transported to the DeSoto County Jail in Hernando.

That's where a booking photo was taken.  The official charge was DUI refusal.

"In his position," said resident Douglas Mauldin.  "He should be more careful about his actions."

Residents were quick to react to the alderman's arrest which happened, sources say, after Jobes ran over traffic cones in the area of the Landers Center.  We're told he was taken into custody at a nearby gas station.

"I just thought it was some random guy getting pulled over in a routine check, maybe," said resident Jermaine Todd.

Todd said he saw Jobes being questioned by police.

"I think it looks bad for the councilman," said Todd.

This is not the first DUI-related arrest for Jobes.  He was charged with driving drunk in 20-10.  However, Jobes was later found not guilty by a judge who convicted him of careless driving.

Jobes' bond was set at $950 Friday night.  He's due in court on October 24th.

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