Great weather ahead, cardboard bikes, breaking news, new people joining us this AM

Welcome back! We got a great Monday forecast ahead for you...nice temps sunny skies and warm high around 82...we'll tell you when it could rain later in the week. Details every 10 mins on WMC-TV5

We're talking about the campaign against the sales tax hike in Shelby County. Details in a live report this AM...

Also we have a preview of tonight's 3rd and final presidential debate...

There has been a cardboard bicycle invested and it costs just 9 dollars. If your skeptical, you're not alone. details on what it looks like and how it may revolutionize bicycles. Coming up on WMC-TV5.

We're also following breaking news of a shooting outside of a Southeast Memphis nightclub...the victims called police at a gas station on Mt. Moriah.

We have two new people joining us this morning when you tune'll see Janeen Gordon doing traffic updates and WMC-TV anchor Lindsey Brown joining us at 6am.

Details on this and much more when you join Kym, Ron Janeen, Lindsey and me right now on WMC-TV5.

Andrew Douglas