Jury selection for murder case against Joe Caronna continues

Judge whittles jury for murder case against Joe Caronna

(WMC-TV) - The jury for the murder case against Joe Caronna will resume Tuesday. It remains a work in progress as more than 100 pairs of feet shuffled into court for jury selection Monday.

"You're always concerned about pretrial publicity," said attorney Claiborne Ferguson.

Tina Caronna went missing in October 2008. Her body was found stuffed in the backseat of her pickup truck within two days.

Her husband was arrested more than five months later.

Prosecutors allege Caronna had been stealing money from his clients and killed his wife to keep her from uncovering his crimes.

"Although the metropolitan area Memphis is a relatively large one, we all know that Memphis feels like a small town," said attorney Blake Ballin.

The judge questioned more than 100 jurors one-by-one Monday.

"Sometimes you want to talk to jurors individually as opposed to a large group so you don't poison the entire group," said Ferguson.

"If you ask a juror, 'Juror #1, what do you know about this case?' And they say, 'Oh, I know that the defendant is absolutely guilty of everything, he's a horrible person,' you don't want juror #2 to hear that. So you need to ask those questions in private," said Ballin.

Jurors get paid $11 dollars per day.

This one will be sequestered, perhaps for several weeks.

"And so if a juror sees what works in getting out of jury duty they often say, 'Oh, I have that problem too," said Attorney Mike Working.

"If you are picking jurors one by one it's so that no one gets wise as to what's helping people avoid jury service," he said.

The jury pool was whittled down to 70 people Monday. Court will begin the actual jury selection at 9 a.m. Tuesday.

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