New receipts reveal where Mayor Greg Davis spent money in Vegas

New Receipts Reveal Where Mayor Greg Davis Spent Money In Vegas

SOUTHAVEN, MS - (WMC-TV) – The Investigators have obtained new receipts filed by Southaven Mayor Greg Davis that reveal where he spent money on recent Vegas trips.

There are literally hundreds of pages of receipts, vouchers and expense reports that Davis has turned in as city business. I found a receipt that totaled more than $700 at a predominately gay Las Vegas nightclub that kept me digging for more answers in the stack.

Southaven Mayor Greg Davis has been on a lot of trips. And city taxpayers have paid for most.

Destinations range from Las Vegas to Biloxi for various conferences related to city business.

But should Southaven pay for its mayor to a club called 'Krave'?

The website for Krave lists the venue as predominately gay nightclub that does not open until 10:30.

A bill for $781.03 was listed in Mayor Davis' expense reports as dinner with potential retailers.

I called Krave to see what type of dining options were offered, but no one answered the phone.

In the mess of receipts, there are several from Las Vegas restaurants that appear to be legitimate business dinners. But then I started looking at dates.

I found an expense report from Greg Davis when he attended a retail development meeting in Las Vegas of 2011.

Davis listed the dates of the event from May 20th to May 25th, but according to the convention's website, the conference didn't start until the 22nd.

Expenses from Davis began on May 20th. From May 20th until the 25th we found bills to Davis' room for everything from a movie to in-suite dining.

It is important to note that Southaven's reimbursement policy changed in the wake of investigations into Greg Davis' spending. 

Now specific detailed receipts must be turned in.

I reached out to the mayor Monday night for a comment, but so far I have not heard back.

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