energy drink lawsuit, changes coming in the weather, Mid-South Native celebrates last night's win, dog park approved

Good Tuesday morning!! We have another fantastic day! High of 82 sunny..perhaps a little hot. Enjoy it now b/c changes are on the way. Details on the cold changes and the next chance for rain every 10 mins on WMC-TV5.

We're talking about a big night for a Mid-South Native Matt Cain. He was the starting pitcher for the San Francisco Giants. They relied on his arm to get them to the World Series and they won last night. I talked with his mother before the game. Hear from her this AM.

The 3rd and final presidential debate is in the history books. It's now 2 weeks before election day. A recap of the debate last night on WMC-TV5.

We have a preview of the ipad mini that is set to be released very soon. Details all morning long.

Fedex is expected a strong holiday season what does that mean for our economy.

We're also talking about a mom that's suing the makers of "monster energy drink." She claims her daughter had a deadly reaction to the drink. We'll explain the details.

Plus the Collierville off leash Dog park finally has a home after town leaders met last night. Details when you join us this AM.

A reminder...we have some new members joining us this AM...Lindsey Brown is working with us at 6am and Janeen Gordon gives us traffic updates.

Join Kym, Ron, Janeen, Lindsey, Amy, Ben and me right now! We're live for you on WMC-TV5.

Andrew Douglas