Unified School Board leaders will discuss new plan

(WMC-TV) – Unified School Board leaders will meet Tuesday night at 5:30 to develop a plan that will enhance Pre-K education. But that plan could force dozens of Memphis schools to close.

The board will meet to discuss potential obstacles that could come with funding a universal Pre-Kindergarten program in the county. They will also have to make some tough decisions about which schools will shut their doors for good.

Both of these proposals come from recommendations from the Transition Planning Committee (TPC) in preparation for next fall's merger of city and county schools.

According to the Commercial Appeal, six schools in Northwest Memphis and 15 schools in Southwest Memphis are set to close. This could save the district $21 million.

Parts of that money would be used to help make the Shelby County Pre-Kindergarten program universally available for all children.

The TPC has recommended adding 2,500 more spaces over the next five years, which will cost $3 million per year.

The Unified Board has said that funding the Pre-K program is a priority.

And tonight, the board will have a work session at the Teaching Learning Academy on Union Avenue where they will come up with potential obstacles in funding the pre-k program and could name which schools will close.

We will monitor that meeting and update you with the latest.

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