Dollar store DON'TS!

Dollar Store DON'TS!

(KOLD) - In these tough economic times, consumers are looking for every way to save money.

So it may not surprise you that dollar stores have reported a boom in business. Retail experts warn that not all dollar store deals are great deals.

Here is a list of the ten things to never buy at a dollar store, from

  1. Laundry detergent and cleaning supplies: The site says the ones sold at dollar stores aren't the same quality as name brands and tend to be watered down.
  2. Batteries: some off-brand batteries, while cheaper, won't last as long as the name brand ones. Researchers say the life expectancy of a no-name battery is about 1/16th of that of a name brand one.
  3. Extension cords, power strips, oven mitts, work gloves. Saving Advice says you should never buy at a dollar store.

You should also avoid sandwich bags, boxed mixes and candy at dollar stores. Saving Advice says there is just not as much of these products when you buy them from some dollar-type stores.

Consumer Reports found dollar store multivitamins don't always have the same nutrients as claimed on the label.

There are definitely deals to be had inside any dollar store. Savvy shoppers say it is about shopping smart and reading the labels to really get the best savings.

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