TSA removes full-body scanners from major airports, but not MEM

TSA removes full-body scanners from major airports, but not MEM

(WMC-TV) - The full-body scanners at airports that caused so much controversy among travelers are now being removed from major airports.

The Transportation Security Administration is replacing the full-body machines, also known as backscatter machines, with newer machines.  

The current full-body scanners got a bad reputation from travelers over privacy because the x-ray images could be too revealing.  

Those scanners will now be removed from high-traffic airports like Boston, Charlotte, LAX, and JFK. They will be replaced with new scanners, known as 'millimeter wave'.

It displays a generic drawing of a person's body, instead of a detailed body scan image.

While the TSA said Memphis International Airport is not among the six airports where the change is occurring, some passengers are anxious to see how the new technology will impact their travel elsewhere.

"It seems like we spent an awful lot of money just putting these machines in and if we're going to all of a sudden say they're outdated.  It seems like once again we're wasting a lot of money and security is important but we need to get to the point where we feel comfortable with a system that will work and that everybody can feel comfortable with," said passenger Rick Bellm.

TSA officials said the new scanners will help speed up the process and get travelers through security quickly.

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