Memphis Chamber announces new music program

Memphis Chamber announces new music program

(WMC-TV) - Legendary music producer David Porter is spearheading a new, free program with his peers to put the business back into Memphis music.  

Music filled the halls of the Greater Memphis Chamber, as the industry's heaviest hitters converged for the big announcement Tuesday afternoon.
"We're going to have a new tenant in the new building," said Senior Vice President of Greater Memphis Chamber.

Legendary music producer David Porter is moving into a space at the chamber where he and his peers will mold young talent.

"We're going to give you that insight to incorporate with your personal individuality because we don't want to make you us. You represent the future," said Music Producer David Porter.

Grammy award-winning musician Kirk Whalum will serve on the consortium committee.

He said students from his Stax Music Academy can graduate into Porter's free program.

"We sort of get them started and give them tools to begin with, but then when it comes to making a profession out of it and collaborating with other artists, we'll be able to feed into that program," said Grammy Award-Winning Musician Kirk Whalum.

Rapper Al Kapone will also serve on the mentorship committee.

He says bringing hip-hop into the fold presents a unified music scene.

"You can have all the talent in the world. You can say you're the best, but if you don't have the business, you'll lose every dime you could possibly make. This is the most important part of the music business," said Al Kapone.

The chamber is on board to facilitate Porter's plan.

"If you look back 50 years, music was the dominant employer in the community. There's no reason we can't rebuild that industry here," said Herbison.

Porter said it's time for Memphis to wear her musical crown in a strategic fashion.

"The most exciting thing is being 70-years-old and intelligent enough and able enough to give it all back," said Porter.

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