Family of woman hit, killed on highway seeks justice

Family Of Mississippi Woman Hit And Killed On Highway Seeking Justice

(WMC-TV) – One North Mississippi family wants justice for a woman hit and killed on the side of the highway.

A Facebook page called "Justice For Shelby" started Monday and already has nearly 11,000 followers to go along with a grieving community near Cleveland, Mississippi pushing for the truth.

Marks on Highway 61 show where 20-year-old Shelby Harmon was hit and killed.

"He finally just came out and said she's gone, there's nothing we can do for her, you don't need to come here it's too bad, you can't see it," Harmon said.

But how did Harmon get on the road to begin with?

Her mother says her daughter called a friend after a fight between Shelby and her boyfriend, Shelton Fulgham who lived together right across the street from the scene.

"I don't think it started in the middle of the highway," Harmon said. "There's key evidence at that house."

Bolivar County investigators would only say that Fulgham is a person of interest. He was questioned after the accident, but released because he was not charged. The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is handling the case. And all they would say is that they were processing evidence at their crime lab. Fulgham's truck is being looked at.

But it has been several days, and this family grieves without answers. Harmon feels the response from law enforcement has been slow. But with a growing Facebook page called  and a community that will not give up, she prays justice will be served.

"She doesn't have a voice and somebody has to be her voice right now and I'm not going to let it be swept under the rug, I'm not," Harmon said.

Again, the boyfriend Shelton Fulgham has not been charged. But investigators say he is a person of interest and charges could come as soon as the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation finishes their investigation.

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