Joe Caronna murder trial is underway

Joe Caronna, man on trial for allegedly murdering his wife
Joe Caronna, man on trial for allegedly murdering his wife
Tina Caronna
Tina Caronna

(WMC-TV) - The murder trial for Joe Caronna got started at 9 a.m. Wednesday.

Action News 5's Nick Kenney is in the courtroom updating us every step of the way via his live blog.

Caronna is charged with first degree murder in the death his wife, Tina Murphy Caronna.  Her body was found in the couple's SUV in 2008.

Prosecutors said Caronna, a former insurance agent, murdered his wife to keep her from finding out about his financial fraud against his insurance clients, his affair, and gambling losses.

If convicted, Caronna could spend the rest of his life in prison.

This high profile case has many waiting on the outcome. And things have kicked into high gear this week. In fact, jury selection wrapped up Tuesday, and 16 jurors were seated.

"There will be 12 that will deliberate, but we'll seat 16 in case something happens and some of them have to go because of an emergency or health problems," said prosecutor Karen Cook.

The judge told the jurors, who will be sequestered, not to talk about the case.

Stick with Action News 5 for the latest on this trial. We will keep you updated on WMCTV.COM via Nick Kenney's live blog.

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