Parent of slain W. Memphis boy sues for evidence

Mark Byers (photo source:
Mark Byers (photo source:

(WMC-TV) – Another parent of the three slain West Memphis boys is suing in an attempt to see evidence in the case.

Mark Byers, step father of Christopher Byers, has joined the lawsuit to get evidence in the case. And it is a fight that will come to a head in front of a judge today.

You will remember Pam Hicks filed the lawsuit earlier this month in hopes of viewing evidence in the murder of her son Stevie Branch, and his friends, Michael Moore and Christopher Byers.

Hicks argues that police and prosecutors are violating the state's Freedom of Information Act by not allowing her to examine items from the case, including her son's bicycle and clothing.

We have just learned The City of West Memphis wants to dismiss Byers' request, claiming he should not be allowed to see the evidence since he does not live in Arkansas.

This according to court documents obtained by our sister station in Jonesboro.

Hicks do not believe Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley committed the crimes. The three men were released from prison last year after pleading guilty but maintaining their innocence in a deal with prosecutors.

A judge will decide today if the parents will be allowed to see the evidence in the case.

Later today we will let you know what happens.

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