Suspect killed, homeowner injured in alleged home invasion

Suspect killed, homeowner injured in alleged home invasion

(WMC-TV) - A Memphis man is in serious condition at the hospital after a shootout that killed a home invasion suspect.

The home invasion was reported on the 3500 block of Bigelow Street near Tulsa Avenue in Frayser.

Bullets flew between the homeowner and the suspects, and when the shooting was over, one suspect was dead and the homeowner was injured.

"And tonight we just happened to hear him just run up and talking about he's been shot and we seen the blood," said Richard Mask, who lives nearby.

Richard Mask said he lives about five houses away from the homeowner who was hurt.

Joshua Bostwick was visiting Mask at the time and he immediately began trying to give first aid.

"He had what looked like a bullet hole in his neck so I cut off his shirt and I used his shirt like a tourniquet on his neck and his lower part of his body," said Bostwick.

Back at the house where the shooting started, a young man was lying dead on the front porch.

According to the homeowner, the dead man was among several armed robbers who kicked in his door and announced a hold up.

"He said they just forced their way in and said, 'Ya'll know what we want and y'all need to give it to us before we do something we don't need to do,'" said Mask.

The 28-year old homeowner says he heard a shot. That is when he pulled out his weapon and began shooting because his mother and others were in the home with him.

Police say three other armed robbers fled the scene.

Neighbors say their community is usually quiet and they're shocked by all the violence.

"And people out there are just dying every day, people need to try to cherish their life and do right," said Mask.

Police say they are still investigating the shooting. There is no word on whether the homeowner will face charges.

Anyone with information about the crime or three remaining suspects is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH.

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