Local businesses give Memphis park a makeover

Local businesses give Memphis park a makeover

(WMC-TV) - Memphis mayor A C Wharton announced several local businesses are joining the City of Memphis in an effort to bring green space to an urban area.

TruGreen Lawn Care Solutions, the Memphis Grizzlies, The Works, Inc., and the city came together to give South Side Park a makeover.

Neighbors came out in droves to find out what is in store.

TruGreen adopted the park. They have already begun weeding and fertilizing the green spaces.

The Works, Inc. is a community development corporation. It will send in volunteers to landscape spaces where people can get moving and get in shape.

The Grizzlies will resurface the existing basketball court and refurbish the backboards.

"We've heard so much about the First Lady's program 'Let's Move.' But that's just hollow if there's no space in which you can move. There's plenty of space here in this park where our boys and girls, both young and old can move," said Mayor A C Wharton.

The city hopes this will help tackle obesity issues in the region. They plan to designate the park as a SAFE zone. SAFE is an acronym for Shared Areas for Fitness and Exercise.

Shelby County Health Officer Dr. Kenneth Robinson, who founded The Works, Inc., says combined efforts such as these demonstrate true dedication to protecting and revitalizing the city's urban core.

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