Thieves steal, vandalize signs supporting Romney

(WMC-TV) – Mitt Romney supporters in a Mid-South neighborhood are upset after political signs were stolen from their front yards.

Now, they want police to take action and find the person responsible.

Jessie Sullivan said she had just returned home from running an errand when she noticed one of her Romney/Ryan signs in her front yard had been stolen. A second sign was destroyed.

"We thought the wind might have done it. When I walked over to it, I saw it had been split. They had cut part of if off because they couldn't get it off the tree," said Sullivan.

Several neighbors who live along Oak Springs Drive and Radnor Cove in Cordova say they also had their campaign signs stolen.

Amy Coontz says thieves pulled her sign up out of her yard.

"I would have to assume that it was people who don't want Mitt Romney to win President since they stole Mitt Romney signs," said Coontz. "I don't think that's going to change who people are going to vote for if you steal their sign out of their yard."

Sullivan has since put up two new signs on her property. She nailed one of them to a tree. The other one is pinned above her garage.

Meanwhile, neighbors hope that the person responsible is caught.

"Whoever done it, I think it's the poor character in them to do something like this and lack of respect for the property," said Sullivan.

Sullivan says if police cannot help her, she will invest in security cameras.

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